Kelly and Jones


What happened when the perfumer fell in love with the winemaker?

Fragrance crushed with love™


RESERVE Notes of Pinot Grigio

I took a sip. He took my hand and we dove off the boat into the cool Long Island Sound. My lips could still taste grapefruit and green apple from our Sauvignon Blanc, blended with his kiss. The New York skyline floated on the horizon, cast in pastel light from the sunset.



RESERVE Notes of Riesling

I pulled the curtains and climbed out onto the fire escape balcony.  It was hidden bliss above city noise and busy sidewalks.  My glass of Riesling sparkled in peach sunlight as I bit into a sweet pear and looked into the city. Petals fell from the sky, between the ladders and into my glass.



RESERVE Notes of Cabnernet

Butterflies. I turned the corner of 4th Street and into the wine bar. Dark leather and wood contrasted with candlelight and I saw him, waiting with two glasses of Cabernet. The wine revealed our stories and he held my hand on his knee. Spicy peppercorn and black cherry stained our lips.



RESERVE Notes of Merlot 

We rushed underground and onto the Brooklyn-bound train. The stop was just outside an ordinary rowhouse, and a friend’s kitchen table. We uncorked bottles of Merlot and city stories. Red Currant and Rhubarb were velvet on our tongues. All we needed was good wine and each other.



RESERVE Notes of Chardonnay

New York minutes pass by outside the window. A blanket warms my shoulders and slows time. I pour a glass of Chardonnay, break the burnt caramel on a crème brûlée, and savor his letters. The words bloom into sweet lessons of life and love.