It's Mother's Day weekend! Wow, don't all moms deserve wine & perfume every day?
In honor of my own mom, I'd love to share a story that's very special to Kelly & Jones.
See, one of the most important pairings of my business is the one with my mom! Behind the scenes, she's always there to cheer me on. I'd love to introduce her to you!
When I created my first concept blends of the wine perfumes in 2009, my mom joined me in San Francisco to test the market at Sunset Magazine Celebration. The recession was in full swing and launching a new brand was extremely challenging. Her spirit and encouragement helped to make the event a smashing success, and I knew that I had to keep going with the idea. Soon after, I left for New York to officially launch Kelly & Jones Notes of Wine.
If I'm short-staffed for an event, my mom is the first one on the scene to help. Many of you have even met her at our events with NY Wine Festivals, Jill Lindsey Boutique, FGI Rising Star or even just hanging at the wine bar with me. Isn't she amazing?!
When big orders arrive, my mom is the most meticulous packaging expert. She makes the product and presentation look perfect, and her support has saved me several times!
If I ever get frustrated or overwhelmed with juggling a fulltime job and running the business... my mom always knows how to say just the right thing to encourage me to keep on going, and to keep dreaming big.
Best of all, I love spending time with my mom just sipping on wine together.
Lots of love and heartfelt thanks to my mom, and cheers to each and every awesome mom out there! Now go share some wine together. Happy Mother's Day!