Perfumer's Guide to Wine Aromas


Our collection began back in 2008, when I created my first "wine perfume" concepts after I learned that one should never wear perfume while tasting wine. Breaking that rule has led us on a super-sensorial path! And since then, K+J has been endorsed by Master Sommeliers and winemakers in our discovery of an all new approach to the scent of wine.

Most oenephiles are familiar with the Wine Aroma Wheel, a tool used in wine tastings to help identify the various scents and tastes in wine. I have been referring the wheel and these words forever, but so often found that it was missing essences that I savor in the world of perfumery. 

Since there are so many beautiful ingredients in a perfumer's portfolio, I decided to create my own "aroma wheel" and a beautiful new way to describe a wine tasting with new words of essences straight from my lab. 

Sometimes, I'll get notes of Galbanum in my Sauvignon Blanc. Or a hint of Rose Absolute in my Viognier. Or a drop of Litsea Cubeba in my Pino Grigio. 

Introducing the K+J Perfumer's Guide to Wine Aromas - Discover the bouquet of a wine's aroma through the words of a perfumer. 

We're using our new tool in our events and fragrance + wine pairings, and hope you will take it to the wine bar too, to whiff your own new discoveries!

Over the next few weeks, we will be taking you through our new aroma wheel and these luscious ingredients. Get your tasting glasses ready, and stay tuned!

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Important Note: Our Perfumer's Guide to Wine Aromas is copyrighted and may not be copied, re-posted, used online or reproduced without permission from Kelly+Jones. Special cheers to One Part Gypsy for collaborating with us on this design! 

Introducing Our New Candle: Wine Cabin

Wine Cabin

There is true sensorial pleasure with sipping wine in the wild. Forget an intimidating wine list, a formal presentation of the bottle, and crisp white linens. Just the taste of wine in pure, outdoor air, and the wind blowing through pines as a Swiss Army corkscrew pops open a bottle; the sound echoing into the treetops. 

Maybe the wine is sipped from mis-matched vintage mugs, found in the cabin cupboards. As dusk falls, the wood stove warms up and its sharp, smoky essence wafts past the lips, pairing perfectly with a bottle of Cabernet so carefully transported, tucked in the back between wool blankets in an old Wagoneer.

It's a seductive essence of Pine, Cedarwood, Incense and Woodsmoke - exactly the inspiration behind our new Wine Cabin candle. 

The idea for our Wine Cabin candle first came to me in the Catskills, on a rocky trail that will always be close to my heart. The essence of a Wine Cabin... that imperfect A-frame tucked into boulders and oak, where the fire is always burning; a place to share a simple glass of wine with no interruptions except the crickets in the woods. 

This idea needed more research, so I set out on an adventurous fragrance development, first to a faraway cabin off the grid in Bozeman, Montana. In bitter cold of 20F below, I sat next to a wood burning stove and studied the scent of the smoke against the purest air. This essence would be the base of the fragrance, a clean warmth with a spark of adventure. 

Next, to integrate the wine element, I searched for a cabin in the vineyards. On a hilltop in Paso Robles, I found the perfect inspiration - a cabin smelling of old Cedarwood and Pine - next to the earthy terroir of the vineyard itself. I found rare, earth-based essential oils to layer into the fragrance- creating the scent of raw wood and a solar warmth like the sunset sinking into the vines below the cabin.

The result is an enrapturing essence of Upstate Pine, Copal Incense, Cedar and Woodfire. 

Our candle is packaged in a gorgeous recycled glass jar, that can be used for wine when the wax is finally burned down. 

Do you have a #wineinthewild story to share? Let's gather around the campfire, pour another glass, and live in the moment. 

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Curious about the cabins? Drop me a note at

Notes of Cabernet at MAISON 10

We are honored to have our Notes of Cabernet selected for this chapter's curation at MAISON 10 in NYC. This concept store offers 10 highly desirable items across 10 categories for 10 weeks. Most importantly, 10% of each sale is donated to a charity. Our charity is the Thirst Project for clean water.

This chapter also features an amazing collection from NYC-based artist Chelsea Hrynick Browne. The launch event for this 10-week curation was an incredible celebration, and our Notes of Cabernet is featured amongst 9 other exquisite global perfumery selections.

MAISON 10 was recently featured in WWD as one of four stores across the the USA who ''look to rewrite the rules of the customer experience."

Our new Pumpkin Prosecco Candle

Our seasonal candle is inspired by a glass of bubbly, sparkling with effervescent pumpkin. It's an all-new, fresh interpretation of the favorite seasonal scent of pumpkin.

This Limited Edition candle is inspired by Kelly's favorite autumn cocktail, which you just have to try! It's so easy, and the perfect way to kick-off a celebration with your guests on Thanksgiving day, toasting to the friends and family we love: 

Pumpkin Prosecco

1 glass champagne, prosecco or cava

1 teaspoon pumpkin butter

sprinkle of cinnamon sugar

Pour a glass of bubbly into a champagne glass and add pumpkin butter. Stir gently with a long spoon. Sprinkle a dash of cinnamon sugar over the glass. Toast to a luscious season! 

Our candles are hand-poured with a clean-burning, luxurious soy blend wax with an eco-wick, all in a decorative recycled glass jar. 

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Introducing Kelly + Jones RESERVE

Kelly + Jones is very excited to announce the launch of an all-new vintage of the Notes of Wine- our new RESERVE Collection. A re-interpretation of our original line, these incredibly crafted fragrances have been crushed with love™ and blended with the most incredible and pure ingredients in perfumery. 

Just like the finest Reserve wines, our new fragrances have been luxuriously crafted in New York City, while sipping wine, swirling the glass and selecting just the right ingredients from our fragrance library to capture each aroma. 

We are so proud of the quality and craftsmanship that have been infused into this collection. They truly capture the terroir of each and every ingredient - infused with oils like Italian Bergamot, Magnolia extracts, Violet Leaf, Oud, Virginia Cedarwood and Madagascar Vanilla.  

Our new label, a hand-drawn grid of intersecting vines, has been designed to reflect the feeling of the ingredients of the vineyard. Quite simply, a modern interpretation of the sky high view of a vineyard.

To celebrate the launch, enjoy free shipping now through October on any domestic order. 

COEUR Show at NY Now Market

Hello buyers and beauty bloggers… put down that glass of wine for a moment and head on over to NY Market to see our new collections. We have a surprise in store for you! 

COEUR Show: August 21 - 24, 2016

FGI: The Art & Science of Fragrance Creation

Our Founder, Kelly, has been selected as a Panelist at FGI's upcoming Frontliners event on Multi-Sensory Storytelling.

Join us as we look at the creative process through the lens of sensory experience. More than ever, brands are connecting with customers emotionally through sensory cues: taste, smell, powerful visuals, color, tactile cues and sound. Hear our panel of sensory experts reveal their approach to the art and science of creativity.

For more information and to register, click here

New! Notes of Rosé Wine Country Rollettes

Our Notes of Rosé candle has been so popular that we've created a new pairing - now our best-selling fragrance is available as a Wine Country Rollette!

This addictive, sexy fragrance is luscious, yet light - just like a perfect glass of pink.

It's inspired by Provence style Rosé wine with notes of Blackcurrant, Damask Rose Petals, Pink Peppercorn and White Suede.

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Happy Mother's Day!

It's Mother's Day weekend! Wow, don't all moms deserve wine & perfume every day?
In honor of my own mom, I'd love to share a story that's very special to Kelly & Jones.
See, one of the most important pairings of my business is the one with my mom! Behind the scenes, she's always there to cheer me on. I'd love to introduce her to you!
When I created my first concept blends of the wine perfumes in 2009, my mom joined me in San Francisco to test the market at Sunset Magazine Celebration. The recession was in full swing and launching a new brand was extremely challenging. Her spirit and encouragement helped to make the event a smashing success, and I knew that I had to keep going with the idea. Soon after, I left for New York to officially launch Kelly & Jones Notes of Wine.
If I'm short-staffed for an event, my mom is the first one on the scene to help. Many of you have even met her at our events with NY Wine Festivals, Jill Lindsey Boutique, FGI Rising Star or even just hanging at the wine bar with me. Isn't she amazing?!
When big orders arrive, my mom is the most meticulous packaging expert. She makes the product and presentation look perfect, and her support has saved me several times!
If I ever get frustrated or overwhelmed with juggling a fulltime job and running the business... my mom always knows how to say just the right thing to encourage me to keep on going, and to keep dreaming big.
Best of all, I love spending time with my mom just sipping on wine together.
Lots of love and heartfelt thanks to my mom, and cheers to each and every awesome mom out there! Now go share some wine together. Happy Mother's Day!

Written by Kelly Jones — May 08, 2015

Notes of Rosé Candle

Who says that you can't drink Rosé wine in the winter?

We've broken the rules once again with our new candle - Notes of Rosé. 

This incredible, luxury fragrance was designed in collaboration with Perfumer Christina Christie of one of the world's leading fragrance houses - Takasago.  As Winter blew in, Christina and I tried to defy the chilly New York air with glasses of French Rosé wine from Provence. We just couldn't bear to say goodbye to warm days and the crispness of a perfect Rosé. So as the snow began to fall, we sniffed and sipped - and captured the fleeting season in this new and exquisitely original fragrance. 

The final blend is a sophisticated, complex aroma of BLACKCURRANT, DAMASK ROSE PETALS, HERBES DE PROVENCE & WHITE SUEDE. 

Our new home fragrance is wonderful for dinner parties and wine tastings - and of course to brighten up a winter's day. Just like our fine fragrance, the scent pairs perfectly with a glass wine, emulating all of the accords of the wine in your glass. We suggest pairing with a Provencal style Rosé. 

This soy blend candle with eco-wick burns beautifully clean and luxuriously fragrant for 30 hours, in reusable post-recycled glass. Each candle is hand-poured in our scent studio. 

Read more about the blend, and shop the candle here.  



& a very special thank you to Giostra, a favorite restaurant and wine bar on the very edge of NYC, where Christina and I escaped over glasses of wine and discover a perfect blend.