This blog post originally ran in March 2017 and we're excited to revisit it with a fresh eye and update!

Our collection began back in 2008, when I created my first "wine perfume" concepts after I learned that one should never wear perfume while tasting wine. Breaking that rule has led us on a super-sensorial path! And since then, K+J has been endorsed by Master Sommeliers and winemakers in our discovery of an all new approach to the scent of wine.

Most oenephiles are familiar with the Wine Aroma Wheel, a tool used in wine tastings to help identify the various scents and tastes in wine. I have been referring the wheel and these words forever, but so often found that it was missing essences that I savor in the world of perfumery. 

Since there are so many beautiful ingredients in a perfumer's portfolio, I decided to create my own "aroma wheel" and a beautiful new way to describe a wine tasting with new words of essences straight from my lab. 

Sometimes, I'll get notes of Galbanum in my Sauvignon Blanc. Or a hint of Rose Absolute in my Viognier. Or a drop of Litsea Cubeba in my Pino Grigio. 

Introducing the K+J Perfumer's Guide to Wine Aromas - Discover the bouquet of a wine's aroma through the words of a perfumer. 

We're using our new tool in our events and fragrance + wine pairings, and hope you will take it to the wine bar too, to whiff your own new discoveries!

Over the next few weeks, we will be taking you through our new aroma wheel and these luscious ingredients. Get your tasting glasses ready, and stay tuned!

Important Note: Our Perfumer's Guide to Wine Aromas is copyrighted and may not be copied, re-posted, used online or reproduced without permission from Kelly+Jones.