Our new Eau de Mezcal Incense transports you to the mystical agave fields of Mexico. 

Hand-dipped in the K+J scent studio, each stick is infused with our mezcal fragrances made with the highest quality naturals and essential oils.

Pour some mezcal in a vaso veladora, light the incense and create a ceremonial, calming presence for your senses.

We love incense for summertime, when candles just seem too warm for a space. Plus, our charcoal sticks have a zero waste aspect, as they burn gently into an earthy dust. 

A perfect pairing - this eco-friendly incense holder from Copo Design is the perfect accessory. 

Made in France and printed from eco-responsible materials, composed of 40% wood powder and 60% corn starch. Non-toxic and plastic-free. Limited quantities. 

Mezcal Blanca - Sheer Citrus & Solar Resins with notes of Peppercorn, Palm Leaf, Oaxacan Sea Salt, Juniper, Star Anise.

Mezcal Roja - Desert Bloom & Warm Minerals with notes of Cacao Blossom, Corn Silk, Ocote Wood, Oak Barrel, Vetiver 


Mezcal Negra - Smoked Woods & Mystical Spice with notes of Sonoran Pine, Black Lime, Guiacwood, Cajeta, Clary Sage.

Mezcal Verde - Mayan Leaves & Catskills Cascades with notes of Limón, Fern, White Sage, Violet Leaf, Birch Incense.