A Passion for the Vine is a new documentary about people who have left other careers to pursue their passion for wine. When the filmmakers called to invite us to be a part of the movie, we were excited to be able to share our story in this unique way. 

On a Saturday afternoon in the West Village, we set out with the camera man to do our interview and tell the tale of our journey - leaving corporate America to pursue the world of fragrance, and then discovering a way to intertwine wine and perfume unexpectedly during a trip to a Napa winery. 
We filmed several cuts - at Malaparte on Washington St, a friend's brownstone stoop on Perry St, and at beloved Buvette. The stoop scene - so very New York - made the final cut. As the rest of the documentary participants were filmed in California wine country, it was fun to be able to include a taste of the city as part of our scene.
The film also features some intriguing participants including David Coverdale formerly of Whitesnake and Whitesnake Wines proprietor, Jonathan Cain of Journey and Finale Wines vitner, and former NFL coach Dick Vermeil, owner of Vermeil Wines.
Check out the trailer below and see the film link to order a copy of the DVD!