North of the Mexico border, Mezcal has traditionally been viewed as a hallucinogenic spirit, complete with worm. But the true story of this mystical agave distillate has wafted into the hearts of wine & spirit lovers, like a copal incense that cleanses away all of your preconceptions.

I’ve always been intrigued by mezcal, from my past life working with the auto industry in Mexico, and most recently on a trip to the lagoons of Acapulco. On the cliffs of Las Brisas, a fellow waterskier, Mark, introduced me to a complex, life-changing taste of tepeztate mezcal from a 30-year old agave.

Mezcal is the ultimate aphrodisiac, with its centuries-old heritage and enrapturing breadth of aromas and taste. It’s a perfume; an utter love potion of the land.

What intrigues me most is the similarity of mezcal to the world of wine. There are over 30 types of agave from which you can make mezcal, and each bottle differs depending on regions, climate, distillation methods and more. In other words, it has terroir – just like wine.

My new fragrances, Mezcal Blanca and Mezcal Negra, take you into the agave fields and palenques – local distilleries - of Oaxaca. Each essence captures the aromas of various types of Mezcal, and its wide range of tasting notes.

I’ve just returned from Oaxaca, where we launched this new collection from the agave fields and toured the terrain with a mezcal anthropologist. Taking the perfumes into the palenques, I shared the scents with the maestro mezcaleros (master mezcal makers) comparing tasting notes and scents, and stories.


Mezcal Negra is a blend of smoked woods and mystical spice, with Guiacwood, Clary Sage, Black Pepper and Pine Needle.


Mezcal Blanca is a sheer citrus with solar resins. Ingredients include Bergamot, Birch Tar, Juniper and Star Anise.

These eau de parfums are hand-poured, and both contain a “tequila accord” – a thread of scent containing the rich aromas of the heart of the agave. The label is made of an incredibly eco-friendly paper - a fully compostable, biodegradable material made of stone, not trees. 

They are purely unisex fragrances - for men & women.


The most beautiful aspect of the story of mezcal is its link to the culture of Oaxaca, and Mexico – the indigenous history of the spirit, the spiritual and religious influences in its creation, and the families working to keep their traditions alive.

I’m happy to announce that 10% of all launch sales will go to Programa VACA. The Mexico-based organization is helping to rebuild in Mexico’s earthquake-affected rural areas with sustainable architecture and natural materials, for long-term, positive human impact.


Photos: Kelly Jones