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Eau de Negroni is here!

Eau de Negroni is here!
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Our NEW Eau de Negroni is here!

Inspired by the emotion of Italian Aperitivo, Eau de Negroni is our all-new, dual-experience aroma.

Every whiff of this fragrance takes me back to Italy, from the citrus trees of the countryside to sipping Negronis under a Roman sunset.  

It all started this past summer on a rather indulgent journey to Rome with my incredible friend, Jenny. Our goal was to truly experience and understand the art and emotion of Italy's aperitivo, or happy hour - of which, the negroni plays a key role. 

Negronis are meant to be sipped as the sun sets. With orange solar accords, every whiff of every sip celebrates a moment of the day that serves as a pause. A breath of simple celebration. 

Bitter, herbal notes in a negroni awaken the senses and prepare the palate for a meal. This was the inspiration behind the Air Aperitivo aspect of our new scent - my goal was to create an essence for the air that prepares the space for that pure moment near the end of the day, whether gathering with friends or sipping on a cocktail as supper is prepared. 

Eau de Negroni is also meant for skin. It's a sensual, unforgettable blend that pairs with every sip. Like a passionate kiss on a balcony overlooking Piazza Navona, maybe even as the sun rises... 

This luxurious fragrance is filled with amazing naturals of Italian Grapefruit, Tuscan Rosemary and Mimosa. The heart of the scent is a blend of Geranium, Thyme and Caraway. Bottom notes of Oak, Violet Leaf and Sage give long lastingness and a surprising warmth to the experience.  

Our bottle is especially noteworthy - a heavy, artful glass with a flask-inspired cap.

Eau de Negroni - Cin! Cin!

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Photo Location and Negronis: special thanks to Harwood on Hudson, West Village NYC




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