Introducing Notes of ICE WINE - Our most luxurious fragrance yet

Have you ever been in a frozen vineyard under the light of the moon? These rare, frozen grapes on the vine are the inspiration for our newest, most luxurious fragrance yet - Notes of Ice Wine.

Since grapes for Ice Wine must be picked at an exact temperature and quickly within just a few hours to ensure the perfect crush, this wine is extremely rare and special. 

Our new Notes of Ice Wine is made of pure, luxurious nectars with notes of Frozen Musk, Iced Stonefruit, Charred Oak and Warm Honey

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Pair it with some of our favorite Ice Wines from the Hudson Valley and beyond: 

Fjord Vineyards 2015 Chardonnay Ice

We discovered this varietal at the Bethel Woods Wine Fest this past autumn. This boutique Hudson Valley winery is one of our new favorites, and the Ice Wine is luscious with notes of floralcy and local honey.

Photo via Fjord Vineyards


Tawse 2013 Icewine - Chardonnay

On a trip through Ontario, we discovered this award winning winery that's making magic in the Niagara region. This Chardonnay Ice Wine is pure luxury, with notes of toasted oak and ripe orchard fruits wrapped in warm caramel. Plus, this winery is extra special with its adorable herd of sheep that wander the fields and manicure the vines. 

Photo via Tawse Winery


2018 Chateau Chantal Ice Wine

Ice Wine is only grown in a few regions around the world, and Michigan is one that's producing some incredible bottles. This Ice Wine has notes of Michigan apples and apricots; a liquid gold from the shores of the Great Lakes that has even been served at the White House. 

Photo via Chateau Chantal