Wine Cabin

There is true sensorial pleasure with sipping wine in the wild. Forget an intimidating wine list, a formal presentation of the bottle, and crisp white linens. Just the taste of wine in pure, outdoor air, and the wind blowing through pines as a Swiss Army corkscrew pops open a bottle; the sound echoing into the treetops. 

Maybe the wine is sipped from mis-matched vintage mugs, found in the cabin cupboards. As dusk falls, the wood stove warms up and its sharp, smoky essence wafts past the lips, pairing perfectly with a bottle of Cabernet so carefully transported, tucked in the back between wool blankets in an old Wagoneer.

It's a seductive essence of Pine, Cedarwood, Incense and Woodsmoke - exactly the inspiration behind our new Wine Cabin candle. 

The idea for our Wine Cabin candle first came to me in the Catskills, on a rocky trail that will always be close to my heart. The essence of a Wine Cabin... that imperfect A-frame tucked into boulders and oak, where the fire is always burning; a place to share a simple glass of wine with no interruptions except the crickets in the woods. 

This idea needed more research, so I set out on an adventurous fragrance development, first to a faraway cabin off the grid in Bozeman, Montana. In bitter cold of 20F below, I sat next to a wood burning stove and studied the scent of the smoke against the purest air. This essence would be the base of the fragrance, a clean warmth with a spark of adventure. 

Next, to integrate the wine element, I searched for a cabin in the vineyards. On a hilltop in Paso Robles, I found the perfect inspiration - a cabin smelling of old Cedarwood and Pine - next to the earthy terroir of the vineyard itself. I found rare, earth-based essential oils to layer into the fragrance- creating the scent of raw wood and a solar warmth like the sunset sinking into the vines below the cabin.

The result is an enrapturing essence of Upstate Pine, Copal Incense, Cedar and Woodfire. 

Our candle is packaged in a gorgeous recycled glass jar, that can be used for wine when the wax is finally burned down. 

Do you have a #wineinthewild story to share? Let's gather around the campfire, pour another glass, and live in the moment. 

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