Introducing The Crush Collection

Our Crush Collection is here! These incredible fragrances capture the essence of the love story of the Perfumer and Winemaker. 

"WHO is wearing perfume in my tasting room?!", the winemaker declared, as I swirled my wine at a California vineyard.

Wearing perfume while the nose is in the glass is strictly prohibited - rightfully so; it can interfere with the wine's aromas. 

But as the perfume wafted from my skin, across the glass, it started to enhance all the nuances of the wine's bouquet. So I decided to break the rules, seducing the winemaker to create with me and blend perfumes to pair with wine.  -Kelly

Our new Crush Collection captures a forbidden love story

BOUQUET bottles the Catskills and a Hudson Valley harvest, with notes of: Bergamot | Orange Wine | Rose Petals | Rhubarb | Catskills Cedar 

VIGNE is the essence of the West Coast and a California vineyard with notes of: Blackcurrant | Petit Verdot | Cardamom | Jasmine Absolute | California Cypress 

Like a natural wine, these perfumes are un-fined and unfiltered. 

We partnered with local artist and wine friend Caroline Corrigan on the perfume bottle design. She captured the love story in an illustration where, when set side by side, the Perfumer & Winemaker meet in the vineyard. 

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